Concrete Repairs


Repairing cracks and damages is the most cost-effective way of extending the life of your concrete. At San Mateo concrete construction company we will give you the best service there is to offer when it comes to concrete repairs.

Water seeps down between the cracks and erodes the foundation of the concrete. Cold weather conditions freeze trapped water in these cracks, leading it to the concrete expanding. Neglected cracks hasten the time for the structural integrity of the concrete to fail, resulting in a full concrete replacement.

Why Do You Need Concrete Repair
Concrete Repairs is fixing the concrete surface that has lost the ability to hold all the binding materials together. It’s the ideal procedure for treating cracks, chipped surfaces, and impacts before it needs to be replaced.

Prevent Further Damages
A single crack can wreak havoc and destroy the foundation of the concrete. It provides an entrance for water to seep through, allowing it further weaken the concrete, creating a bigger crack.

In cold weather the water freezes and expands, causing more damage to the structural integrity of the concrete. Keeping the concrete in good condition will reduce the need for repair and maintenance work.

Prevents Accidents
Damaged concrete can cause injuries from tripping over cracks and uneven areas. It is a major liability for elderly people and individuals with disabilities as they are more prone to accidents.
As the concrete surface breaks, the floor becomes unleveled, leaving sharp edges that catch shoes and cut feet, making it a safety hazard for every person.

This may lead to hefty fines and lawsuits against your company.

Curb Appeal
New and well-designed buildings are the first thing customers see, providing an attractive overall impression of your property, setting your business apart from your competitors. Even with small damages and cracks, it can make your structure look old and run-down.

Concrete Repair Solutions
Concrete Sealing and Caulking
Sealing your concrete and caulking the cracks reduces water’s ability to invade the concrete and flow under the slab, resulting in increasing the lifespan and beauty of the concrete.

Our Concrete Sealing and Caulking Process:

  1. Cleaning the concrete surface using a pressure washer to life and remove contaminants and stains.
  2. Applying the sealant on the concrete
  3. Caulking the cracks in the concrete to prevent dirt, water, and debris from entering and penetrating the concrete foundation

Concrete Leveling
Uneven concrete slabs are caused by an overflow of water in the concrete or poorly filled and compacted soil that has begun to sink. Leaving the concrete unleveled will cause a tripping hazard that may make you liable for other people’s injuries.

Our Concrete Leveling Process:

  1. Drill a 1” hole based on your type of concrete slab and job.
  2. Using our industry-grade machinery to pump our sand/clay/cement grout mixture to gently lift the slab back into place
  3. Once the concrete is raised, the holes that were drilled are cleaned and patched with our high-strength fast-setting cement.

Concrete Contractors San Mateo provides comprehensive concrete repair solutions for all commercial and residential buildings and driveways. Installed with minimal hassle that caters to any budget — designed to be completed quickly with many years of professional experience.
Install, Repair, and Maintain, we do it all.

Have all your concrete repair needs met through Concrete Contractors San Mateo County today.


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