Does your home need a brand new patio for your family to enjoy? Modern patios can transform your home’s landscape. We offer an array of designs and styles that will impress your family and friends Our design team can create stunning outdoor kitchens, living spaces, pool patios and more. We offer a variety of concrete finishes that will beautify and protect your patio as well. Do you need a new patio for your business? An outdoor patio could attract customers to your restaurant. A new patio for your employees could boost company morale and give your employees a place to relax. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today to learn more about our concrete patio options.

Concrete Patio Benefits
You’ve decided to build a new patio. Why should you choose concrete? Concrete is one of the most durable building materials for its price. A concrete patio could easily last over fifty years with minimal repairs. It is a cost-effective material as well. You will save money over wood, brick or stone patios. We offer a variety of finishes and stamps that can also beautify your concrete. You don’t have to settle for plain grey concrete. Concrete can easily be shaped into almost any shape. We can pour concrete to match your home with ease. Your options are almost endless when you use concrete as a building material for your patio.

Patio Design
Concrete Contractor San Mateo can design the patio of your dreams. We offer design consultations for our commercial and residential clients. Our team can create an outdoor area your friends and family will be excited to use. We can add outdoor kitchens, seating, fire pits, cooking stoves and more to your home’s patio. We can design an oasis patio for your pool as well. Our design will meet your needs and budget. Do you need a new patio for your business? A patio could help your restaurant grow. A new patio for your warehouse or office could provide your employees with an outdoor area to relax.

Patio Finishes and Stamped Concrete
We offer a variety of finishes for our concrete patio. Concrete sealers and stains alter the color and look of concrete. We can change the color of concrete and it can look like any other building material. Stamped concrete adds a design to the top of the poured concrete. With stamped concrete we can simulate brick and stone designs. Your new patio will look amazing after we’ve added style to it. We can add almost any design to stamped concrete. Feel free to email or call us to learn more about concrete finishes.

Patio Maintenance and Repairs
Patios are exposed to harsh weather, sunlight and plenty of foot traffic. Over time the soil below your patio could cause your concrete to become unlevel. If you’ve noticed cracks or unlevel concrete, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. Concrete Contractor San Mateo offers concrete maintenance and repair services. We can fix your commercial or residential property’s patio today. If you need repairs or maintenance, you can reach our customer service team at the phone number below.


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