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Concrete Contractor San Mateo provides concrete installation, maintenance and repairs for San Mateo CA. We offer a variety of products and services for commercial and residential properties. Our contractors have years of experience on the job and are fully trained in the latest concrete pouring techniques and safety procedures. If you need a new driveway, concreting patio or sidewalk, concrete is a great building material. You’ll save money over more expensive materials and you’ll have a product that will last for years. You can learn more about our company, products and services below.

Concrete is a cost-effective material that helps connect communities together. They are durable and less prone to wear and tear which results in cracks, stipping, rutting, and potholes. As they are used in almost every infrastructure and driveway, there has been a lack of variety from the dull grey color.

Colored Cement adds a splash of color to your pavement, driveway, and walkway creating extra curb appeal to your house.

Methods of Colored Concrete
A concrete stain provides a richness and translucent tone that brightens up any room. Just like art, each stain permeates throughout the concrete creating a masterpiece that mimics polished marble to stained wood.

Different patterns are created by using water-based or acid-based stains allowing your concrete to have a stylish and elegant appeal at an affordable cost.

Staining protects the surface layer of the concrete where it’s exposed to vehicles and walking abuse every single day. Providing protection against scratches, cracks, peeling, and water damage.

Fire resistant and energy efficient, Concrete staining absorbs and slowly releases the heat and cold, reducing the need for air conditioning and heating systems.

Integral Coloring
Integral coloring is adding color pigment powder or liquid, with a concrete mixture before it is poured. Blending in with the concrete to create a fade-resistant color that gives a look of natural stone.

Most colors available are soft earth tones that blend with most landscapes and architectural environments. Perfect for colored flat work pavements, exposed aggregate finishes, and polished surfaces where you want uniform colors without any variation.

They are cheaper and less messy than most colored concrete methods.

Dry-Shake Color Hardeners
Color hardeners are powders that are added to concrete. Unlike integral coloring, Dry-shake color hardeners only mix with the top layer of the concrete, resulting in a rich colorful surface throughout the entire concrete slab.

As the powder is concentrated on the surface, the colors are more intense. Made from mineral aggregates, these colors won’t fade from chips, scratches or abrasion while being water-resistant ensuring your concrete lasts for decades.

Concrete Dyes
Concrete dyes are made out of dry pigment or liquid that is stained over the concrete surface. Out of all the colored concrete, they provide boldest and vibrant colors. Made for indoor use as the colors may fade with direct sunlight.

There are two types of concrete dyes; Water-Based and Solvent-Based.
Water-Based Concrete Dyes are diluted with less saturated colors. They are ideal for color layering creating a watercolor pastel look.

Solvent Based Concrete Dyes use a mix of primary and secondary colors to create a unique look. When diluted, it creates a dramatic look. While not diluted, the dyes produce bold colors that make the concrete stand out.

Concrete Dyes are cheaper compared to chemical stains, concrete dyes can be colored and sealed within a day.

Concrete Contractors San Mateo provides color concrete solutions for all commercial and residential buildings and roads. Installed with minimal hassle that caters to any budget — designed to last with our industrial-grade machinery and many years of professional experience.

With our large pallet choices and styles, personalize your concrete space through Concrete Contractors San Mateo County today.


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