Concrete Flagstone

Flagstone is a flat-cut stone slab made out of sand, clay, and other organic sentiments that are used for paving. They are naturally slip-resistant and are durable which makes it perfect for patios, walkways, and fireplaces. Available in a variety of colors and shapes, make your outdoor area stand out today.

Benefits of Using Flagstone
Flagstones are a mixture of sand and sedimentary rock including marble, sandstone, shale, and limestone. This composite creates a lightweight material that is resistant to cracks and warps when exposed to extreme temperatures.

This makes it perfect for withstanding a high volume of vehicle use and daily wear-and-tear of family life. Lasting over 50 years with proper maintenance, it provides the best protection against freeze-thaw cycle seasons and salts, skids, and environmental damage, so you don’t have to worry about your pavement being cracked or damaged.

As Flagstones requires no mixing, specialized labor, or special equipment, Flagstone is less expensive than concrete. They are installed faster and can be completed with one person, reducing the overall installation costs.

Flagstone allows room for plants to grow in-between the cracks or completely laid down as a solid surface. As they are acid resistant meaning they can be laid on top of the soil, Flagstone is the best material for indoors and outdoors without the need for concrete.

Flagstone pavers are available in different shades, colors, thicknesses, and sizes, meeting all your needs for your outdoor area. Each flagstone has unique patterns that allow for both formal and informal patio. With a variety of natural hues available, Flagstone’s natural beauty if the best to light up your landscaping project.

Slip Resistant
Flagstone’s natural surface area promotes traction. With their textured ridges and curves allows your feet and shoes to grip on the tiles. They are perfect for walkways, pool areas, driveways, and patio.

Flagstone Concrete Process

  1. We’ll begin creating a blueprint on the layout of the flagstones.
  2. Once the footprint has been decided, the area is marked out and excavated.
  3. Once the excavation is complete, forms are set, gravel is placed and compacted, and rebar is placed.
  4. The concrete is poured inside the form to create a foundation for the flagstone.
  5. After a day or two, the flagstones are placed in the desired pattern. Making minor cuts and adjustments to the stone if necessary.
  6. The concrete pad and flagstones are cleaned, removing any dirt and debris.
  7. Each stone is set in the mortar and pressed down firmly to ensure it stays in the ground.

Concrete Contractors San Mateo provides flagstone concrete solutions for all commercial and residential buildings and roads. Installed with minimal hassle that caters to any budget — designed to be completed quickly with many years of professional experience.

Have all your flagstone concrete paving needs met through Concrete Contractors San Mateo County today.


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