Flagstone: Your Paving Option – Nature’s Most Durable Stepping Stone

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Patios made of flagstone make a distinctive design statement in your outdoor living area. They offer one-of-a-kind color combinations and shapes because they’re 100 percent natural stone (one of the only all-natural materials you can use for a patio). If you want to use them for the patio area, you’ll need to make sure your patterns are flexible. You only have to glance at the prehistoric buildings and ruins scattered over the state to see that San Mateo has enough stone suited for construction. 


Some of these buildings are still in operation today. Using flagstone in your landscaping design is one of the best methods to show authenticity. This is because using flat stones in your yard will give it a hand-crafted appeal that is also ageless. You may express your particular taste and style by choosing from a wide range of modern and rustic cut flagstones.


In this guide, you’ll first learn about the origins of these flat stones and how they were made. Following that, you’ll learn about the various types and how to use them effectively. Third, you’ll learn a lot about the art and science of installing this type of material. Finally, viewing some of our best projects can provide you with inspiration and expertise.

Understanding Basics of Natural Stone

The uniqueness of flagstone as a material is fantastic in terms of design, but it does create a few issues when it comes to working with it on a project. Before incorporating them into any patio project, consider features such as their various colors and shapes, as well as the cost. What should you know about flagstone pavers before making a decision?


Hardening of sediment layers by pressure and low heat, commonly beneath the water, produces sedimentary stone. Sand, clay, and organic materials are frequently found in layers called strata. Sedimentary stone comes in a wide range of hardnesses and strengths.


Examples: Flagstone, sandstone, shale, and limestone


What this means for you…

Since the early 1900s, Arizona Sedimentary Sandstone has been utilized in flagstone patios, so it’s had plenty of time to prove its worth. Its lightweight, pale tint, and heat tolerance have made it a popular choice in the Southwest, where pool decking can get unbearably hot in the summer. However, because of its porosity, this material is also troublesome, and many homeowners are replacing their patios with tougher flagstone alternatives such as metamorphic quartzite for these reasons:


  • Water absorbed by sandstone expands and causes flaking.
  • Overspray causes significant concerns in areas near irrigated areas.
  • Individual flags may be displaced as a result of hard freezing.
  • Swimming pool water that has been chlorinated might cause serious problems.
  • Wear and tear cause the surface to gradually erode, resulting in low patches.
  • Water can leave severe stains on the stone if it collects in certain areas.
  • Sandstone can be permanently discolored by spills and barbecue spatter over time.


Pro Tip: Because many softer flagstones have disintegrated rapidly, particularly around swimming pools and other areas subjected to severe stress, we prefer to utilize tougher materials such as quartzite. Sandstone, in our experience, flakes, split, and most importantly, is stained and discolored. Many of these problematic patios have had to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. Our consumers are willing to pay more for dense flagstone because it is a long-term investment. –


List of important things to remember when you select flagstone:


  • Select flagstone in a variety of forms, sizes, and thicknesses.
  • Be aware that sparkly flagstone might lose its luster with time.
  • Brightly colored stone may be softer than subdued tones that are more homogeneous.
  • Is this stone long-term tested in residential landscapes?
  • Does the stone come from a location close to my project site so that shipping costs are kept to a minimum?
  • Is the stone generally available from several vendors so that I may compare prices?
  • Dark-colored stones with efflorescence should be avoided in mineral-rich water.


Flagstone Option

Cost: Flagstones are comparable to concrete pavers when it comes to price

Flagstone with a thickness of 1-2 inches is often equivalent to concrete pavers or other materials in terms of material costs. You might anticipate paying a little more for thicker flagstone (2-3 inches). When laying flagstones in mortar, these larger flagstones are commonly employed.


Furthermore, flagstones require more time and effort to install than pavers. Because you don’t know what sizes, shapes, or colors you’ll get until you see the stones, it’s difficult to plan the layout of your flagstone walkway or patio before you see them. Because each stone must be set into place and ordered by color and size to get the ideal fit and arrangement, designing your flagstone patio is done on the fly. It’s possible that you’ll have to rearrange the stones multiple times to achieve the desired effect.


You should either enlist the services of volunteers or engage a contractor to handle the heavy lifting to assist first.

DIY vs Contractor: It takes an artistic eye

Because of the natural irregular shapes and colors of flagstones, constructing a patio is more like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. Knowing what pieces should fit together and how to shape the stones to match the target region requires effort and an artistic eye. If your patio has a lot of border areas, shaping the stones to fit them correctly can take some skill and time.


Use a less defined design and leave greater space between the stones as one option. You will have less cutting and shaping to perform if you let the size and shape of the stones determine the pattern. This will cut down on installation time and give your patio a more natural shape.


Breaking stones isn’t as difficult as it may appear (but breaking them where you want is a different story!). A light hammer tap on the edge should readily break off pieces. Alternatively, you can drop the larger stones on a hard surface and let them naturally fall apart. When more accurate shaping is necessary, a chisel and hammer might help. You should be able to mold the stones to match your design if you don’t try to remove too much at once.


Flagstones Are Heavy

Traditional clay or concrete pavers are substantially lighter than flagstones. Pavers are often available in conventional sizes and relatively simple to handle and transport from one location to another. Flagstones come in a variety of sizes and weights, ranging from cobblestones to massive slabs.


Plan on enlisting the assistance of more people to help you hoist the stones into place. Equipment is helpful, but it must be operated effectively and safely by someone.


One advantage of using these heavy boulders is that they don’t need to be put in a mortar bed. The stones will stay in place for years if the bed and joints are properly filled and compacted with sand or gravel.


Flagstone Designs and Shapes

The beauty of this natural stone is that it can be shaped into a variety of various, one-of-a-kind patterns! After all, the only limit to what you can do with this material is your imagination. Just keep in mind that you’ll want to connect your landscape. If you want a modern, clean look, stick to a more stiff, recurring pattern, not to mention clear lines. You might go for irregular sizes and random forms for a rustic and natural appeal.


Flagstone Installation: You can mix it up

There’s no requirement that a flagstone patio is created entirely of flagstones. Flagstones can be mixed with concrete or clay pavers to save time and money.


Use flagstones to draw attention to a seating area or a route connecting the seating and cooking areas. You can use a flagstone accent in the center of your patio and ordinary pavers around it to create a unique patio design that matches your needs. Combining materials opens up an unlimited number of possibilities, and you get the look and feel of natural stone without breaking the bank.

Putting It Together

Begin with a concept. Calculate the amount of room you have to work with. Choose the materials you want to use and where you want them to go. Choose your supplies carefully. After you’ve prepared the ground, drainage rock, and sand, start planning your pattern. Once you’ve found a design you like, “set it in stone” by filling in the joints and smoothing the surface. Then relax and take in the view from your newly installed flagstone patio.


Flagstone is a beautiful, long-lasting natural stone that may be utilized to create unique designs. There will be no two flagstone patios alike. Make your patio stand out from the crowd by utilizing this uniqueness.


Final Thoughts

It’s easier to put stones on a screed if you hire a contractor in your flagstone near me project. It’s a bigger job to lay flagstone on a slab using mortar, and it’s usually best left to the pros. It is accessible, inexpensive, and long-lasting.  The natural surface area of flagstone improves resistance. With their rough ridges and curves, the tiles enable your shoes and feet to grip. They are ideal for pathways, swimming pool sections, driveways, and patios.


Flagstone concrete solutions are provided by Concrete Contractors San Mateo for all commercial and residential structures and roadways. Installed quickly and affordably – intended to be done efficiently utilizing years of expert knowledge. Contact us today and get started with your flagstone ideas.

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